Golf Tips for Women


1. First things first, wear comfortable, waterproof shoes.

While it might appear to be a nice, dry, sunny day, the ground could be wet and muddy from a previous rain, or an overnight sprinkling system.

2. Hit the driving range a few days before, or on the day of your game.

This will get you focused on your usual swing and will alleviate any pressure on the first hole.

3. Wear sunscreen.

The afternoon sun can be unforgiving on a golf course. Even on cooler days, being outside for many hours might leave you with some unsightly tan lines.

4. Go easy, or avoid the alcoholic beverages while on the course.

Some golf courses offer alcoholic drinks throughout the course. If you like, have one or two, but even one could affect your performance, making you sluggish, sloppy and tired too soon. Save the spirits for after the course.

5. Ensure you are wearing a supportive bra.

This fact is paramount to your success. A supportive and comfortable bra will keep your mind off pulling up straps and adjusting. And you can focus on just playing the game you love!

Here are some tips:

Ladies, interested in learning to play golf?